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Music Slide Rule

Basic Practical Theory 2

2.  The Key to Music is the Major Scale

The Major Scale has 7 notes

Understanding the Major Scale

The Major Scale has 7 notes (steps) just like there are

7 days in the week

Mon    Tue    Wed    Thu    Fri    Sat    Sun    Mon    

 1         2         3        4       5       6       7         1

To find the Major Scale in any Key you need to memorize

This simple formula

T    2    2    1    2    2    2    1

Just repeat this formula to yourself a few times

T - two - two - one - two - two - two - one

and soon you will have it memorized

This is very important to know by heart

This formula:   T    2    2    1    2    2    2    1

is also known and referred to as Tone Tone Semi-tone etc..

This will be more explained on page 5b, but I am not using this system here as basically I am using a very easy numeric system

The T = What is called the Tonic or Tonal centre or the Key

For example in the Key of C, C is the Tonic

In the Key of D, D is the Tonic.

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